Private Tours & Celebrations

We offer exclusive private tours of our factory for groups and unique celebrations. Private tours have a maximum capacity of 25 people and cost $250. This ensures no one outside of your group will be on your tour. If you would like the tour content to be customized to meet your group’s interests, please make this request at the time of booking. You must make a payment in full, by credit card, check, or cash within 48 hours after the reservation has been made. To schedule a private tour, please call our main office number at (206) 632-5100, Monday-Friday, 9-5 PST.

Birthday Party Tours

Looking for a way to make your child’s birthday sweet, fun and delicious? We’ve got you covered! This customized tour is perfect for ages 5-12. The guest of honor and friends will experience a real, live chocolate factory while learning about how chocolate is made, with abundant chocolate treats throughout! What could be more memorable? Thinking about party favors? The guest of honor will receive our Fremonster: a hand-crafted chocolate dinosaur! Additional goodie bag options available upon request. You don’t even have to thank us when you win the Parent of the Year Award! Birthday Party tours are $275, regardless of size.

Morale Building Tours

At Theo, we believe the best way to bond with our coworkers is through chocolate. If you agree, bring your staff, team, or choral group in for an exclusive Morale Building Tour! As you learn about Theo’s story and process, we’ll engage your group with morale-building games, mouth-watering samples, and some friendly colleague-on-colleague competition. Team champions will receive a hand-crafted chocolate rocket to display proudly or share with others! Call us to let the bonding begin! Morale Building tours last approximately 90 minutes and cost $350, regardless of size.

Schools & Camps

For school/camps and other groups of children, please be advised we do not recommend our tour for children under 7 years of age, and that we require a 4:1 ratio of students to chaperones for children under 13 years of age (for safety reasons). We have a curriculum specifically for younger children, so please let us know if you would prefer a children’s tour. School and camp tours have a maximum capacity of 25 people. As with a private tour, school/camp tours are $250 regardless of size, and payment must be made in full within 48 hours after the reservation has been made.

Groups with Unique Needs

We strongly encourage large groups (10-25 people) with mobility limitations, special language requirements, or other unique needs to book a private tour. With our private tours, we are able accommodate the needs of almost any group. Our standard tour may not be suitable for all audiences and we are unable to make significant adjustments to the tour structure. Private tours are available every day of the week, and can be booked by calling (206) 632-5100. We welcome the opportunity to make your tour as comfortable and memorable as possible!

Preschool Groups

Because our standard tour is geared towards adult audiences, it is not suitable for preschool-age children. We offer private age-appropriate tours for groups of children ages 4-7. This tour begins with a sample-filled story time, where our guides will take your youngsters on a chocolate adventure with Molly and the Chocolate Tree, an original story beloved by the Theo staff. Then, they'll see this story come to life as they walk through our factory and experience the scrumptious process they just read about!  Preschool tours are $200 regardless of size.

Larger Groups

If your party size exceeds 25 people, we will need to schedule 2 tours, and availability will be limited based on the physical limitations of our factory. Please call our offices 206-632-5100, Monday-Friday, 9-5 PST to reserve your unique group tour.