Defining my passion

I love chocolate. At least, I thought I did; that is, until I set foot in your store from my small town life in Fitchburg, WI. My brother-in-law planned a busy week for us in Seattle when we visited last week. He knows and shares my love for the food of the gods. He brought us to Theo. When I walked in I was captivated. From the lighting and presentation of chocolate, to the samples and the amazing staff who oozed genuine passion for customer service, you had me at hello. One taste of the flavors, the pure flavors and lack of grit in such dark chocolate, hit me as powerfully as Cupid's arrow meeting its mark! I love chocolate. But, now, that love belongs to Theo! Thank you for defining my passion. To continued success and sustainability! I will visit again when I can. Regards,

-Karin R. via e-mail