World Bicycle Relief Sea Salt Bar

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May is bike-to-work month, and we’re celebrating locally and globally. We’ve created a special bar combining our intensely flavored dark chocolate with the zing sea salt to feature our partner, World Bicycle Relief.

A portion of the proceeds from every bar will go to support World Bicycle Relief’s B.E.E.P. (Bicycles for Education & Empowerment Program). This is a program within the organization that provides locally assembled and specially designed bicycles to students, teachers & health care workers in rural Africa. The program focuses on sourcing and manufacturing locally whenever possible and also commits to training bicycle mechanics in care and repair to further support the program.

Imagine if as a child, in addition to the average school day, you had to walk 12 kilometers to and from school—over five hours round trip—while also getting up early enough to perform family chores, another one hour or more time commitment. That’s a possible14 hour day for child, not including time for meals, homework, and play.

Bicycles give time.

What a bicycle means to a child rural Africa:

- A safe & reliable way to get to school
- Huge decrease in commuting time
- Help in complete family chores faster

More time leads to...

- Increase in student attendance
- Improved child safety
- More girls in school
- More energy for study
- Improved test scores
- Reduction in early pregnancies & marriages for girls
- More possibilities for future livelihoods

“We are partnering with World Bicycle Relief to advance our mutual efforts to create economic and educational opportunities in African communities. WBR’s programs align beautifully with Theo’s own in that they emphasize cultivation and support of sustainable livelihoods for people. At Theo, we believe this is the most impactful way to effect positive, long-term change.”    - Joe Whinney, Theo CEO and founder

Bicycle distribution through WBP’s B.E.E.P. program:

- 70% to school children
- 30% to teachers, school volunteers & health care workers
- *of those bicycles given to children, 70% go girls because of their unique challenges accessing education

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