Theo + FareStart Chef Session & 4-piece Mirepoix Caramel Collection

We are so inspired by the FareStart culinary job training program that we invited their students and chef instructors into our confection kitchen to collaborate with our chocolatiers. The result was our creative and delicious Mirepoix Caramel Collection. $1 from every box sold benefited FareStart’s culinary job training program for the homeless, helping to provide students with the tools and support needed to transform their lives.

Mirepoix (meer-PWAH) is one of the ultimate kitchen basics and the foundation of so many soups, stews and stocks, and includes onions, celery & carrots, usually diced small. This culinary building block includes ingredients found on just about every restaurant menu as well as in our own refrigerators, and mirepoix is also the best way to hone a student’s knife skills. It’s a tribute to the foundation and support students gain through FareStart’s culinary job training program.

For more information about the Theo + FareStart Mirepoix project, visit: theochocolate.com/blog/farestart-mirepoix-caramel-collection

Video directed, shot, and edited by Jack Strain, Infinite Landscape. Music by Pico Sound, Seattle.