Factory Tour

We offer tours of our chocolate factory 7 days a week.


We'll entertain you with the story of cacao, including the extraordinary transformation of the cacao fruit into what we know and love as chocolate and the social and environmental issues relating to cocoa and cocoa farmers. Best of all, you will try our amazing products during your tour experience!

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Bean to Bar


Once the beans arrive at our factory in Seattle, the real magic happens. Our factory is a working testament to our belief in artisanal methods and the importance of a human touch.

Confection Kitchen


The Confection Kitchen is the place we marry our passion for chocolate with pure imagination. It’s the space where we play, experiment and discover entirely new tastes and experiences.

Events Calendar

You and your little one are invited to join us for weekly tours full of chocolate and imagination. We will explore the art of chocolate through...


Join us for a tasting event unlike any other! You’ll experience the true meaning of bean to bar with a tour of our factory followed by an extensive chocolate tasting with Theo guide Aaron Lindstrom. Taste cocoa nibs, cocoa liquor, and an exclusive single origin chocolate only available at this...

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