Employee Handbook

Making great chocolate requires a passionate, dedicated group of employees. As an employer, Theo Chocolate hopes to provide a stimulating work environment, opportunities for personal growth, and job satisfaction.

We also pride ourselves on being fully transparent. Transparency has always been at the heart of Theo values – every day we open our factory to visitors from around the world, we post the prices we pay for cocoa beans and we openly share our Human Resource (HR) practices. We believe that being open and transparent is the best way to demonstrate our accountability to you, a member of our greater chocolate community.

Here is our Employee Handbook. This is a living document, and we will update it from time to time to reflect our most current policies and practices. If we make changes, we will share them on a timely basis.

Although our policies and practices can evolve over time, our core philosophy remains unchanged: As a small artisan chocolate maker, we are committed to enriching the lives of farmers, suppliers, shareholders, partners and employees.  As a reflection of this commitment, we developed the Handbook to help employees understand general expectations and benefits of working with Theo, and also find answers to their basic questions. We are grateful for our talented team members and proud of our employment practices. 

View the Employee Handbook here