Confection Kitchen

The Confection Kitchen is the place we marry our passion for chocolate with pure imagination. It’s the space where we play, experiment and discover entirely new tastes and experiences.

Every delicious creation is handcrafted by our small team of chocolatiers. Together, they play with flavors and fresh ingredients, perfecting recipes and creating delectable moments of surprise and wonder.

From the copper pots where our caramel is hand-stirred to the small batches of milk, cream and Theo chocolate that come together to form the base of our indulgent ganache, we taste, touch and love every step along the way.

We inspire one another with new ideas, surprise ourselves with new flavor combinations and never rest until it’s “just right.”

Our marshmallow Big Daddy is a perfect example. This colossal combination starts with handmade graham cracker crust, buttery vanilla-infused caramel and fluffy handmade marshmallow. Each piece is hand cut, then enrobed (AKA, drenched) in deep, rich Theo dark chocolate, and finally hand decorated with an Alderwood smoked milk chocolate flourish.

The recipe took months and months to perfect, but the result is an organic, fair trade certified and epically awesome one-of-a-kind creation.

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