Without you, there is no Theo. We love getting to know our customers and hearing about what gets you excited. Share a picture or a quote and show us how Theo is a part of your life.

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PatriciaGiannattasio Dark chocolate!Read More
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dearr6 the chocolate, the tour, and the cacao storiesRead More
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debaramagarden all of the classic bars!Read More
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J.Beam everything!Read More
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Mairead Reinhard Theo Milk Chocolate Bars
I'm a proud Theo-holic. When I was pregnant, I developed a serious craving for Theo Milk Chocolate Bars. When I had the baby, I upped my intake to two or three a week. The mix of ingredients in intoxicating and, quite frankly, addicting.
All the best, Mairead Reinhard
Jenna Beam everything!
I love everything about Theo Chocolate. The bars are unique and delicious and I admire the company. Not only do I enjoy eating Theo at home, but I also take it with me when I go out of town as a local gift for my non-Seattle friends.
All the best, Jenna Beam
Erin Johnson Big Daddy
The harder question is what’s not to love? The philosophy of the company, the friendly and knowledgeable staff, and the warm and inviting environment are all contributors to the overall Theo experience. And nothing beats a Big Daddy on a rainy Seattle day.
All the best, Erin Johnson
A Cartmill Theo Chocolate
Two of life's greatest treasures: books and Theo Chocolate. Enough said.
All the best, A Cartmill
Michele Peterson Theo's commitment
For me, it's the knowledge that with each delectable bite I take here in Seattle, communities around the globe are benefitting from Theo's ongoing commitment to social and environmental responsibility in all they do - from bean to bar!
All the best, Michele Peterson
Garth Purkett Ghost Chile Caramels
I consider there to be only two truly monumental moments in my life: the first being when I tasted DRY Soda, and the second being the first time a Ghost Chile Caramel sailed smoothly across my tongue and barraged my tastebuds with seemingly endless flavor. I'm forever a changed man.
All the best, Garth Purkett