Credit Department

Favourite product: Fantasy Flavor Fig, Fennel & Almond


"What do you love most about your job at Theo?"
It’s less about my particular job and more about the mission of this great company: There is a real egalitarian sentiment here at Theo. There is a sincere and often expressed appreciation for work done in all quarters - from the factory floor to the administrative office to the confection kitchen and retail store. Feedback, opinions, new ideas and critiques are both accepted and requested by ultimate decision makers here who apply those observations to the growth of the company. The mutual respect results in a true feeling of camaraderie here. We all work hard but have lots of laughs too. That's interesting to me and rare.


"What inspires you?"
Histories of anti-imperialist resistance from El Salvador, Ireland, and Vietnam


"What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?"
I am not an authentic Luddite-type, but I have never, and will never own, a cellular telephone or hand-held device.


"What food would you drive all day for?"
If they'd let a legally blind fellow behind the wheel of a 1959 Pontiac Catalina, I'd drive to Seattle's Bamboo Garden for the Szechuan Eggplant.


"What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about chocolate while working at Theo?"
I was surprised to learn how many other companies use soy lecithin and other soy “fillers” in their finished chocolate products, unlike Theo.


"What’s your earliest chocolate memory?"
My parents used to throw these late night parties at home and the guests typically crashed on our living room floor. My little sister and I seized on these opportunities to get up at the crack of dawn to tiptoe over the sleeping bodies, quietly making off with all the leftover peanut M&Ms we could carry back to our bedrooms.


"What’s your favorite eco-tip?"
If you are so moved, pass on your martial arts skills to cows and pigs so that they might effectively defend themselves when the time comes to fight back.