Theo Chocolate Chunk Blondies
Here at Theo, we consider ourselves to be devout brownie people. Our 70% bar was pretty much born to be melted into the rich and gooey delight of a dark brownie. But while there is nothing quite like a Theo brownie, even we hardcore fans can be enticed by a little change of pace now and again. Lately, we’ve been hankering for something new to bring along to summertime gatherings. 
Congo Bar Ingredients
Our new Congo 65% chocolate bars come in two flavors, Vanilla Nib and Pili Pili Chili. The chocolate of Eastern Congo is not the only remarkable crop, the whole area has great agricultural potential. We wanted to showcase that in our first chocolate from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Available exclusively at Whole Foods through the end of the year, in our factory store and online here. CONGO VANILLA BEAN
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