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DIY Ganache Truffles
13 February 2013 |Cassandra Lea

While you need not look further than our exquisite Aphrodisiac Confections and Casanova Caramels to treat your loved ones this Valentine's Day, as artisan chocolatiers, we understand the do-it-yourself spirit that inspires you to produce something for your dearest with your own two hands.

New Year, Nibby Crackers!
02 January 2013 |Kelly Thompson


Theo Chocolate Chunk Brownies
11 December 2012 |Cassandra Lea


3 Theo 70% Dark Chocolate bars (3oz. each)

¾ C granulated sugar

¼ C packed brown sugar

1 stick butter (8T)

3 eggs

½ C + 2T all-purpose flour

½ tsp. salt

½ tsp. vanilla extract, optional


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