Theo + Jacobsen Sea Salt Caramel Collection

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We’ve partnered with Jacobsen Salt Co. to bring you a decadent caramel collection inspired by the harvest of the sea and the flavors of the Pacific Northwest. The result is our Sea Salt Caramel Collection, a truly unique collaboration pairing our award-winning caramels with salts hand-harvested from the crisp waters of the Oregon Coast. We love the flavor of Jacobsen sea salt as it adds an exceptionally bright and clean accent to our buttery caramel and rich chocolate.


Upon returning to the States from living in Scandanavia for over four years, founder Ben Jacobsen came home with a vision to create the first great American finishing salt. After retracing the path of Lewis and Clark, toting home ocean water to make batches of salt at his kitchen stove, he settled in on the perfect source: Netarts Bay and the pristine waters of the Oregon coastline. His back yard.


CITRUS CARAMEL with Jacobsen Lemon Salt

Tart lemon caramel balanced by hints of warming black pepper, enrobed in creamy milk chocolate and topped with lemon zest infused sea salt.

LEMONGRASS CURRY CARAMEL with Jacobsen Pinot Blanc Salt

Buttery caramel with aromatic lemongrass and savory coconut curry spices enrobed in smooth milk chocolate and topped with Pinot Blanc salt.

VERJUS CARAMEL with Jacobsen Pinot Noir Salt

Rich caramel infused with verjus, the concentrated juice of unripened Pinot Noir grapes, enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with beautifully fragrant Willamette Valley Pinot Noir infused sea salt.

MESQUITE CARAMEL with Jacobsen Cherrywood Smoked Salt

Smokey mesquite paired with the deep warming flavor of molasses and notes of honey, cinnamon and a hint of cayenne spice. Enrobed in rich dark chocolate and topped with Cherrywood Smoked Salt.

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