Celebrating the Classics: Coconut
Our Classic line has gone to the spa for a makeover and emerged looking better than ever—and we couldn't be more excited! As we admire the bright new packaging and relish the delicious, bigger nut and fruit inclusions, and even richer chocolate flavor, we celebrate the flavors that keep us coming back for more.
Nibby Figgy Energy Bars
If you are familiar with Theo, then you know that our cocoa beans are the very core of our business. They are the raw material that we lovingly source and roast (and taste) and mill (and taste) and conch (and taste) and then mold into bars (and continue to taste!) that creates a product that is not only sustainably harvested, Fair for Life and Fair Trade, but outrageously delicious. In addition to our finished bars, we offer roasted cocoa nibs so you too can experiment with this remarkable raw ingredient and experience what chocolate is like before it becomes chocolate. You can buy these nibs in bulk at our retail store or find them on the shelves at Whole Foods, PCC, and Food Co-ops nationally.
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Marion Cunningham’s Chocolate Walnut Butter Bread
Marion Cunningham--culinary superstar and “America’s grandma”*--passed away last July at the age of 90, leaving behind an indelible stamp on our national food heritage. As we ponder the year in chocolate to come, we gain inspiration from a woman whose mark in the culinary world is felt as much through her recipes as her wisdom. Marion was in her 50’s when she began a new chapter in her life - overcoming agoraphobia and alcoholism – to focus on teaching, giving cooking demonstrations and revising the seminal Fannie Farmer Cookbook in 1979 and subsequent other much-loved cookbooks, including The Supper Book and the Breakfast Book.
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