Nibby Yogurt Parfait
We are used to thinking of chocolate when it comes to dessert: cookies, cake, mousse, pudding, or a nice chunk of a really good bar. Whatever the form, chocolate is almost always the perfect finale to any meal (we admit to being a little biased here, but you do agree, don't you?). 
Nibby Figgy Energy Bars
If you are familiar with Theo, then you know that our cocoa beans are the very core of our business. They are the raw material that we lovingly source and roast (and taste) and mill (and taste) and conch (and taste) and then mold into bars (and continue to taste!) that creates a product that is not only sustainably harvested, Fair for Life and Fair Trade, but outrageously delicious. In addition to our finished bars, we offer roasted cocoa nibs so you too can experiment with this remarkable raw ingredient and experience what chocolate is like before it becomes chocolate. You can buy these nibs in bulk at our retail store or find them on the shelves at Whole Foods, PCC, and Food Co-ops nationally.
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