Chocolate-Dipped Holidays
Baby, it's cold outside! During these frozen and dark days, the warmth of the kitchen beckons more strongly than ever. Here at Theo, we’ve been heeding its call and have come up with a few simple and creative ideas that we hope will bring a festive glow to your own kitchen this holiday season. With little more than a bowl full of melted chocolate, we'll show you how you can make tasty and unique chocolate-kissed treats. What's more, we've designed these gift ideas with children in mind, so the whole family can take part (and the results make excellent afternoon treats, to boot). What better time of year to gather around your kitchen table and create edible gifts to share with your loved ones? Fire up your favorite holiday tunes and let's get dipping!
Pretty Paper Snowflakes Tutorial
For the last few years, holiday visitors to the Theo retail store have been enchanted by the pretty 3D paper snowflakes we have hanging from our ceiling. In fact, people love them so much that we're regularly asked where we got them! Well, the truth is, we make them ourselves each and every year. In fact, here at Theo, we’re such big fans of these pretty paper snowflakes that you can find them hanging in our offices and even decorating our homes!
Tags:   DIY, snowflake, holiday