Celebrating Our ECI Coffee & Cream Bar with Chocolate Babka
Our newest bar is the product of our latest collaboration with Eastern Congo Initiative and our friends at Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Co. The cocoa, coffee and vanilla in our Coffee & Cream bar are all from Eastern Congo, and a portion of the sale will benefit ECI. To say that we’re pretty excited about this bar is a serious understatement. It’s already become a favorite of Theo employees and devotees. In fact, all this talk of coffee and chocolate has us dreaming up even more ways to enjoy this addictive combination.
The uphill path for the people of Congo
View from the road – cocoa trees amongst the forest   Onsite in Watalinga DRC, in the Rwenzori Mountains Theo has made an ongoing commitment to sourcing cocoa from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Together with our partner, Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), we are creating access to markets for Congolese cocoa farmers, helping them improve their crops and strengthen their businesses and lives.
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