Bike to Work Month with Theo and World Bicycle Relief

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May is Bike to Work Month! Our World Bicycle Relief bar will help you and others get there on two wheels. Theo has partnered with World Bicycle Relief to create a bar that supports WBR’s mission to transform individuals and communities through the power of bicycles.

The bar features our award-winning 70% dark chocolate and a pinch of sea salt. Proceeds from the sale of each bar will help provide students, health care workers, and entrepreneurs in rural Africa with specially designed, locally assembled WBR bicycles. With over 125,000 bicycles in the field and more than 800 field mechanics trained, WBR is changing lives across Africa. Compared to walking, bicycles improve access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity by increasing carrying capacity and accessible travel distance while decreasing the time it takes to commute to and from schools, clinics and markets.

WBR’s Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program (BEEP) makes it possible for students (primarily girls due to their unique challenges accessing education) to complete their education and build a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities in Zambia and Zimbabwe. By using bicycles to cut their commute times, students increase their capacity to learn. Since BEEP’s launch, school attendance is up 25% and test scores are up close to 40%. This year, Theo is partnering with WBR to provide bicycles for the Chipapa Primary School in Kafue, Zambia, where the average student commutes 10 kilometers each day. To learn how World Bicycle Relief impacts the lives of students, check out the video below:


Help us celebrate Bike to Work Month globally by supporting World Bicycle Relief!

Learn more about WBR’s efforts here.

Purchase our Word Bicycle Relief bar here.

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