Bean to Bar

Once the beans arrive at our factory in Seattle, the real magic happens. Our factory is a working testament to our belief in artisanal methods and the importance of a human touch.

Step 1: Roasting

Our master roaster sorts the beans, drawing on years of knowledge to combine the unique cocoa tastes from different regions, creating complex flavors that go beyond a simple formula. The beans are then roasted to develop the precise flavor elements each recipe calls for. Every roast load is different and only when the beans have reached their “sweet spot” are they ready to be milled down into nibs, the broken down bean bits that are the building block for chocolate.

Step 2: Milling

The nibs then enter a series of mills that separate the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids. After about 12 hours of milling, mixing begins and sugar is combined with cocoa “liquor” (non-alcoholic we should point out). The mixture is then refined, to ensure perfect combination of the sugar and liquor. Then the mixture is “conched,” slowly heated and stirred for days to evenly distribute the cocoa butter and develop the deep chocolate flavor.

Step 3: Inclusions

After that comes the added ingredients that make our bars so unique—everything from fruit and nuts to chiles, bread and salt. Again, every ingredient that goes into our chocolate is organic.

Step 4: Molding and Packaging

Finally comes molding and packaging, where our bars take shape (literally). Liquid Theo chocolate is poured into the molds that will determine its ultimate form. Each bar is hand checked for quality. Once it passes the test, it’s wrapped, boxed and shipped to you, ready to be enjoyed.

Step 5: Enjoy and Repeat

That first bite you take connects you with the entire Theo process, from bean to bar. You can taste the rich and complex blend of cocoa beans that gives our chocolate its character. You can taste the care and precision that goes into making each bar. You can taste the creativity and joy that leads to our unique flavors. Every Theo chocolate is an experience. And every experience is proof of our commitment to creating the best chocolate in the world.