Announcing Raspberry and Ginger: Two New Classics

After a very heated voting process on our Facebook page, today we announced the addition of two new bars that will be joining our Classic lineup in 2014. We’re excited to launch spicy and sweet candied ginger and deliciously fruity raspberry in January! To tide you over until then, we’ve got a summer recipe that combines these two unique flavors in one cool treat.

Our two-toned sorbet pops are completely vegan and utterly delicious, not to mention gorgeous! The absence of dairy allows the pure flavors of the ingredients to shine, so be sure to use the best raspberries and freshest ginger you can get your hands on.

Nibby Yogurt Parfait

We are used to thinking of chocolate when it comes to dessert: cookies, cake, mousse, pudding, or a nice chunk of a really good bar. Whatever the form, chocolate is almost always the perfect finale to any meal (we admit to being a little biased here, but you do agree, don't you?).