Celebrating the Classics: Mint

On grey Seattle days that have all of us clutching coffee cups and donning rain jackets, it's easy to forget that we've already enjoyed a good taste of summer in the city this spring. This month started out as one of the driest and warmest on record, with multiple days stretching well into the 80’s, enough for a few of us to achieve our first sunburns of the year. Here at Theo, we’re dreaming of the sunny months ahead and all the joys that come with the blue skies of summer, not the least of which is, of course, ice cream.

Bike to Work Month with Theo and World Bicycle Relief


May is Bike to Work Month! Our World Bicycle Relief bar will help you and others get there on two wheels. Theo has partnered with World Bicycle Relief to create a bar that supports WBR’s mission to transform individuals and communities through the power of bicycles.

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Celebrating the Classics: Salted Almond


Our Salted Almond 70% Dark bar is among our top selling creations, and that's no surprise. Its sweet, salty, savory mix is undeniably satisfying. This is no candy bar, folks, this is a bona fide snack.  And have you seen it lately? Beneath its sharp new packaging, it boasts larger nut pieces and even richer cocoa flavor than before. We use organic, custom-roasted almonds sourced from California to achieve just the right level of nuttiness. Then we highlight the rich flavor of the almonds with fleur de sel, a delicately crunchy and finely flavored French salt. The result is a symphony of texture and flavor that beckons bite after bite.