Featured Recipe: Yogurt Parfait with Berries, Granola & Cocoa Nibs from A Food Centric Life

This recipe from Sally Cameron of A Food Centric Life was inspired by her trip to our factory during the annual BlogHer conference, held in Seattle this year. Thanks, Sally, for including us on your wonderful blog.  We’re so glad you enjoyed the tour--and the cocoa nibs!!

We also love the styling in this photo! Mason jars not only look cute, they’re a fantastic and resilient alternative to saving food in the refrigerator or taking all sort of goodies on a picnic.

Click here to view the recipe!

photo: Sally Cameron, A Food Centric Life

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SWEET TOOTH Book Release and Special Candy & Confections from the Theo Kitchen

This Thursday, June 14th, we will host a party for local author Kate Hopkin’s new book, Sweet Tooth: The History of Candy (7pm, 3400 Phinney N., free!). It’s a history of candy and how it evolved from medicine and luxury to corner store ubiquity. We sure enjoyed reading it--and not just because we’re featured in it!

Kate has lived in Seattle for nearly ten years, and in 2004 she created AccidentalHedonist.com, which has been a consistently popular blog on all manner of food and drink topics. She was able to parlay this wealth of knowledge into a first book--99 Drams of Whiskey.

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